fun facts

Some fun facts about Primrose—

• I ship the most orders to California (by a very wide margin), followed by Texas and New York who are neck and neck for second place. I've shipped to every state except South Dakota.

• The farthest away that I've shipped an order is to Australia, or maybe Japan—I'm not sure which is farthest in miles. The closest are the ones I don't ship at all—like when friends come to my house to buy or I deliver orders to local shops.

• An item I sell consistently is the package of duck diaper pins. They aren't vintage but look like they might be. But people don't buy them for diapering. Women buy them to decorate baby shower invitations, sports coaches buy them for their teams, one woman bought them because she says they're the best thing to separate clumps from mascara, who knew?

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Sweet P said...

What fun facts! I'm a data geek by trade so I'm always interested in stats. Thanks for sharing some fun ones about your business.