the best for last

My best find from last weekend isn't quite as spectacular as the quilt top I found last year but still pretty cool.


It's a Progress No. 2623-4 unbleached muslin apron with colorful binding stripes in yellow, orange, and brown and featuring stamping for embroidered flowers on the waistband corners and body. It's very clean and crisp and someone stored it carefully since it's creation in 1938!

binding stripes

It includes the original instruction sheet (that's how I know the date) and the flowers are to be embroidered in yellows, oranges, and browns (to match the stripes) with a little green thrown in for the leaves and stems.

pattern sheet
You can click on this picture to see a larger version on my Flickr page. I've also included the colors that correspond to the numbers in case you want to reproduce the flowers for one of your own projects.

See the long stitches at the end of the flower petals? These are to be worked in a different color than the petals so they'll look like the two-tone flowers shown near the end of my Stitch School lazy daisy post. I'm going to try making the long stitches first, then looping the second color through like I mentioned here.

apron flowers

I bought this apron for an unbelievable $6! I spotted it underneath a pile of other things and it wasn't marked with a price. Luckily I had some other things already picked out and they totalled $14. The seller looked at it for a minute, then rounded my total up to $20. Sold!

apron waistband detail

I might have to do this project next, right after the set of baby bibs I'm finishing up now.


Unknown said...

This looks fabulous! Would you please post a picture when it is completed? I would love to see how it turns out. Smiles!

Melody said...

Oh you lucky duck!!! I'm sooo jealous. That is a great find.
can't wait to see it finished.