the best for last

This is by far my best find at last weekend's show. I had picked up some fabric and aprons and was waiting for the vendor to finish with some other customers when I spotted a box on the table with some patchwork peeking out. Opening it, I discovered the makings of a patchwork quilt. Some blocks were done, some were combined into rows. There were envelopes of templates, the original printed patterns, and lots of cut out pieces. At the bottom there was even extra yardage of each fabric.

the box

My heart skipped a beat. Then I thought, "no way will I be able to afford this." But it never hurts to ask, right? So I did. $35. Can you believe it! I saw the person standing next to me ear's perk up and I grabbed that box so fast it wasn't funny.

single block
A completed block

four blocks combined
Four blocks combined

On further inspection, everything seems to be there to make a good-sized quilt. What's done so far is hand-sewn. And everything is really clean and just about perfect.

the back
such neat hand-stitching

A closeup of the print

The only problem is that I can't figure out the pattern. I've looked in all my quilt books and I'm coming up with nothing. I know that some creative quilters designed their own patterns but this appears to be a commercial one. And not one that appeared in a newspaper—there's nothing on the backs of the patterns. I'd love to know what the pattern is called so I can do some research to determine how old this is. Can any of you quilters help me out?

block pattern
The block pattern

quilt pattern
The diagram for arranging the blocks


Vicki W said...

What a fabulous find! I can't help at all with the pattern but I do love it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I love that!

Cheryl said...

Under the pattern in your first photo, it appears to say "pattern pieces" and it looks cut away. I bet there were paper pieces to use as cutting templates. These may be small papers or even cardboard cut outs in your box of stuff. If not, I suggest gently tracing the outline of one of the block pieces and adding a quarter inch seam allowance. Maybe flipping the finished block over and tracing the cut piece may also help.
Anotehr idea is to enlarge the pattern on a copier to the size of the block and make templates from there. Good luck!

Beth said...

What a beautiful pattern! I hope someone can give you more info, it's not in my books either!

Ashlee said...

Good for you!!! I really like the fabric with the little flowers.

Julie said...

You have made some great finds lately but this is definitely the best!

backhomeagain said...

Well, it's in good hands now. I can't wait to see it finished. I really love the fabrics!

Anonymous said...

I love that pattern block!!

Andrea said...

wow! lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that is a great find! Congratulations!
Can't help you out, but can't wait to see the finished project. Good luck!

Pieces said...

That is so lovely!! Do you have a guess as to how old it is? The customer next to you must have been fuming at her missed chance!

janet said...

If I had to guess I'd say 1940s based on the fabric (both the print and the cheddar yellow) but I'm just guessing. It could be older (late 30s) or newer (early 50s) but I don't think any newer than that.

Val said...

I love this. Just beautiful. I am so glad that I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

I checked a couple books I have specifically Jinny Beye'rs patchwork Patterns, the B,D,E, pieces would make up a spiders web patch pattern but the color placement would have been different. The other sections seem to be a variation of "cross." This really reminds me of the patterns you could send away for from a magazine or the newspaper. It is a real winner though. A Lucky Find.