August, already?

What is it about this summer? It's happening so fast! Sorry for the lack of blogging last week. The garden has been occupying a lot of my time—colanders full of green beans and piles of cucumbers to deal with. And the corn and tomatoes are coming quickly. So much outside stuff to do.

beans & cukes

But, in case you think I haven't been doing anything fun, here are a couple of those embroidery projects I promised to show you earlier this summer. This first one is a vintage Vogart quilt block of violets. I bought a set of these (six flower designs) recently on Ebay and embroidered this first because I have some matching fabric and plans for a pillow. I finished the top yesterday and should have the completed pillow up on my site soon.


This little cowboy quilt block (complete except for French knots on his shirt) will be combined with a vintage red bandana print for a future pillow.


I've also been working on this sweet blue dotted flannel baby cover with kitties and strawberries. I know, what self-respecting cat would eat strawberries? But, it is cute, even if it stretches reality a bit :)

brown cat

There are three cats in all plus butterflies, small patches of strawberries, and little flowers, all set in an oval shape in the center. It's big and taking a while so I alternate this with other projects that are more quickly finished.

orange cat

It's been a weird summer for sales. I haven't been making new pillows at all, or anything else handcrafted because no one is buying right now. People have other priorities—like food and gas—believe me, I get that. I have been selling tons of vintage buttons and fabric (who knows why?) so I've been keeping those sections stocked with new items. Also added are a batch of vintage crochet pattern books and some cute vintage baby things, including embroidered bibs, a Bambi crib sheet, and a pair of green wool mittens embroidered with ice skaters!


Anonymous said...

I need to get work on the vintage (repro from the quilt store I bought several years ago) cowboy transfer I have...my nephew's first b-day is next week & I wanted to make him either a pillow or framed embroidery. His room is so cute with vintage images (courtesy of his crafty auntie, me), vintage books, repro vintagey toys...I'm glad my sister went this route when she was setting up his nursery - I may have influenced her. :)

Jenn said...

Wonderful embroidery! I have been trying my hand of it.... but I think I should go out and get a good book. I can do the basics but that's about it!

Anonymous said...

You are right, my kitty Tati probably wouldn't eat strawberries, but she gets awfully interested when I am washing them in a colander. I suspect it is because she is interested in anything that happens in the kitchen, rather than any great craving for strawberries.
BTW. I love your pillows and have been coveting the naughty kitty, who is just like the aforementioned Tati.

janet said...

The naughty kitty pillows, which seems to be a recurring theme, always sell really well for me. Probably because we all have (or know someone who does) a naughty kitty ourselves ;)