more feedsacks

A couple more finds from the show—

blue floral feedsack
Blue floral—big roses? mums? I'm not sure what they are!

butterfly feedsack
This feedsack has the best colors ever! I've also seen it in another colorway—hot pink, periwinkle blue, and lime green butterflies on a light blue patterned background.

butterfly feedsack
A close up view


Feedsack Fantasy said...

OMG! You are driving me bonkers ... do you collect? TTFN ~ Marydon

janet said...

Marydon, I do collect some feedsacks but only if they're in perfect condition and I really love the design. Otherwise, I use them for my creations. That's why I often buy them cheaply with some damage. I'm cutting them up anyway so I feel less bad about it than I would about perfect, still-sewn-into-bags feedsacks.