summer's gone

For the second morning in a row it's been in the low 40s when I got up. It's really starting to feel like fall. Although it isn't officially fall until later in the month, Labor Day weekend seems to signal the start. Where did the summer go? That's the worst thing, I think, about getting older—time just keeps speeding up. And it becomes clearer that you'll never do everything you want to in your lifetime. Did I also mention that I get a little depressed this time of year :)

Remember the fawn who was hidden in our yard this spring? I saw her this morning and she's grown up into a beautiful deer. Her mother's color has changed completely to brown but she's still lighter in color with some spots present. A large number of fawns never make it to adulthood so I'm happy that she did. Although I'll still complain when they're munching on my vegetable garden and perennials!

The vegetable garden is winding down. We had to destroy all our tomato plants due to blight—a highly infectious fungal infection and cause of the infamous Irish Potato Famine. Yes, it also attacks tomatoes. It was just too wet this year and the problem spread like crazy throughout our whole area so it's hard to find tomatoes, even at the farmers market. That probably means I won't be doing any canning unless I can buy some out of area. It's probably a miracle but our potatoes seem to be unaffected.

We still have gorgeous baby cantaloupes but, unless it warms up again, they're not going to mature. Again, too much rain, not enough heat. Gardening can be very frustrating—if you don't already know that.

I'm cleaning up my studio today, doing some ironing, and finishing up a batch of hanky sachets. Here's one from the previous batch that you'll find at GreenBeing in Scranton.

vintage hanky sachet


jenny allsorts said...

Please don't be depressed, Autumn and Winter bring the joys of upcoming holidays and the change of seasons! {{{hugs}}}

Unknown said...

I now what you mean about Summer going way too fast. I'm trying to get ready for upcoming shows in the area starting Sept 20..yikes...I have so much started but must complete them. The never getting to do all the things we want to do in a life time..lol..We'll have to have something to do for eternity....I've got my list all ready. If I don't get to all of it now, There will be lots of road trips. I love Fall, but am sad when everything goes neutral. I look at the tree bark and see how interesting it is..the patterns..colors..wait I see some embroidery stitches there ;)