chicken scratch sunsuit

chicken scratch embroidery

Rebecca sent me this photo of her daughter Elizabeth in a sunsuit that she made from purple gingham and embroidered with white chicken scratch embroidery (using my Stitch School lesson found here) all around the collar. Most people seem to use chicken scratch designs on aprons and I wanted to show you how pretty it looks on other items, too. She said it took a long time to cover the area but it was pretty simple to do otherwise. And she was pleased enough with the results to use it again in the future.

I apologize if you were looking for the link to this stitch in my sidebar. Not sure how it happened but it disappeared from the list. It's back now and thanks Rebecca for letting me know it wasn't there. And for sharing the photo of your finished project with us!


AMBER said...

I was just wondering if you were going to do some more stitches in your stitching school? I have run across a few that you don't have, and your directions with pics are by far the best on line.

janet said...

Yes, I will be doing more. Not sure when exactly but there are tons more stitches and variations of ones I've already done, too. The more complicated stitches are harder to do because they involve more steps and more photos. I've been busy with other things lately but I promise to get back to it soon.

Carla said...

Rebecca, you did a great job on your little one's outfit. Love the embroidery and your daughter is adorable, embroidery or not!