Thrift Thursday 8.10.06

I found this little flower-shaped bowl for $2.00 at an antique store this past spring. It's very small—2.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches in diameter and has five petal-shaped "sides" with a ribbed design on the outside. The photo makes it look like it's butter yellow in color but the yellow actually has a bit of green in it.

yellow bowl

I've seen newer versions of this design in wildly bright colors and without the ribbing that aren't nearly as pretty as this one. I think mine is older and is, perhaps, the inspiration for the copies. There are no marks on the bottom so it's bit of a mystery.

yellow bowl

It's the perfect size to hold beads and buttons, and that's exactly it's purpose in my studio.

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Unknown said...

That's really pretty!

carrie s. said...

My mom had (and maybe still does) a set of these in white, ribbing and all. I can't remember where or when she got them, but I remember using them for ice cream when I was growing up. I recently saw some while thrifting, but in not so good condition, or I'd have bought them!

Junie Moon said...

It's a lovely little bowl. In addition to holding pins and other assorted tiny things, you could draw around it and make a pattern to use.

Anonymous said...

So cute!!