Stitch School: Monograms

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Rocks In My Dryer said...

De-lurking to tell you how much I'm enjoying learning about embroidery by reading here! I'm a newbie, but I love it!


I have a beautiful natural linen pillowcase with my daughter's initials in red stitched onto it. I'm wondering what I should do with it. I originally thought pillowcase dress but since it's antique and from France, I'm not so sure. Any ideas?

janet said...

Tara, I'm kind of biased since I primarily make pillows, but that's what I'd do. Since the piece is an antique and a French antique at that, it has value by itself. So, I think you should use it for something a bit more permanent than a dress that she'll grow out of. A decorative pillow will last forever and get less wear than if you used it as a pillowcase.

I've done a lot of pillowcase pillows and they're pretty easy to do. If you look on my website there are a couple listed now. Just find a red print fabric to put underneath if you want to layer, although you could use the rest of the pillowcase and keep it all one fabric, too. That might be nice with the heavy linen. Email me if you want more specific directions. Maybe I'll do a tutorial one of these days, although I hate giving away all my secrets :)

Unknown said...

I have very much enjoyed reviewing embroidery tips on this blog. I do hand embroidery, usually on vintage linen (when I can find it) or new Irish Linen. I am happiest figuring out drawnwork, but would like to transition a bit using old techniques on new designs. Most sites I come across are meant for sewing machines. Ideas anyone?