shopping trip

Well, the quilt shop didn't have the fabric I wanted, although they did have another colorway. That was enough to check on the shade of brown so I'll order it online. It was such a beautiful day that I made the rounds of the antique malls in the area. I didn't buy a lot but I found some great things, including a bunch of vintage needlework booklets and buttons that you'll find added to the website over the next couple of weeks. Some highlights of the trip:

A small (8" square) unfinished needlepoint with roses (there's a close up photo on my Flickr if you want to see more detail).

unfinished needlepoint

A vintage wire napkin holder with chippy red paint.

wire napkin holder

Two almost-perfect cards of vintage Bluebird buttons. Don't look for these on my website—they're all mine!

bluebird buttons

And I have to show you this oddity. Can you guess what it is?

rickrack collar

It's a ladies collar made from white rickrack that's been joined with crochet! I'm continually in awe of the creativity and needlework skills of our crafty women predecessors. Here's a closer up photo so you can see the details (and there are two more photos on my Flickr that are even closer).

rickrack collar closeup

Just incredible!


Jenny said...

You said it! Who would ever think of using rick rack in such a way! Loved your treasures, too!

Vicki W said...

I love the collar! It's so cool!

Unknown said...

I dont blame you for hanging on to those buttons, they are too lovely! The colour, the card, the whole lot is cute overload!
I am very jealous.

Julie said...

That is too cool!!! I found this recently -- http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa090400.htm -- it's similar but your's is prettier.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh My! That rick rack collar is awesome!
And LOVE the bluebird button card. Can't blame you for keeping it. :)


Anonymous said...

Good stuff!
I have found a few rickrack patterns on the Antique Pattern Library web site. This site is fabulous. APL is an ongoing project which "is an effort to scan needlework pattern books that are in the public domain, to preserve them, so we can keep our needlework heritage in our hands".
The patterns may be downloaded for educational and personal use. It can be found at antiquepatternlibrary.org.

JZ in VA

Aimee said...

Your stitch school is so great...I linked to you on my blog today b/c you are incredibly helpful!

Anonymous said...

OH! I just love the buttons! Wouldn't the art work bird make a darling applique pattern?

janet said...

Merry, I thought the same thing :)