New tea towel designs!

I've been slipping up on my blog updating this past week. And I had such good intentions, too. It's just that it's been so beautiful outside and there's so much to do in the garden. Pruning raspberry bushes, cleaning up the herbs, dragging out the big pots that I plant morning glories in. We have 4.5 acres - half woods and half not - and there's always something that needs to be done.

But I managed to spend some time in the studio, too, and cranked out a dozen tea towels. These are a new style and have borders of authentic (1930s to 1960s) feedsack cotton and jumbo rickrack, which I've been able to find in cool colors like marigold, nile green, and geranium. I just love these old feedsack prints - and the originals are so much prettier than the reproductions. So colorful and modern in spite of their age.

The other style, which I'm still offering, have fruit print borders and embroidered anthropomorphic fruit motifs from vintage transfer patterns. Because of the embroidery (done by hand, of course) this style takes a lot longer. I have two more Sugar Plums in the works and just found more of the blueberry and strawberry fabrics on Ebay (yay!) so will be able to make more of those designs. Special order for now until I get caught up.

I also made two with a feedsack print of tiny tomatoes and green rickrack. The embroidery will be from another transfer pattern in the same style (same artist probably) of a tomato dancing with a green pepper. So fun! I promise to post pictures when it's done.

Happy May Day!

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