Pretty Ribbons

I discovered this website recently and thought I’d share. I love the clean look of the site and the fun sketchy drawings of ribbon jars. And the page where you can shop for ribbon by color. The drawings are grayscale and turn color when you mouse over them. Fun idea!

And how cool are these special collections?

Each themed collection is packaged in a new or vintage jar and comes with a hand-crafted numbered tag that lists the collection name and the total yards of ribbon and trim inside. The one pictured here (the monthly theme jar for April) is a vintage Ball canning jar and is packed with 15 yards of ribbon (satin, grosgrain, ric-rac and woven) in one and two-yard pieces—all in shades of spring green. Honestly, these are so pretty that I probably wouldn’t use the ribbon. I’d sit the jar on a shelf and just look at it :)

You can sign up to receive their monthly newsletter. And maybe, if you do something crafty with ribbon, even become a guest designer. Makes me want to do things with ribbon!

The Ribbon Jar


Anonymous said...

ah ha! you've discovered one of my secret addictions! i just recieved a package from her yesterday! the fabric strips are especially fun--i've taken to using them on my onesies, votives, toothfairy pillows...Super fun! what a great idea--my husband thinks its a racket (jars of ribbons), but he just doesn't get it!

tlchang said...

Ah, ribbons! And in jars! *sigh* Also fabric, buttons, lace... All the things I'm trying NOT to contemplate too heavily. If the temptation to aquire more becomes unbearable, I'm going to have to quit reading your blog! :-)

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

This looks wonderful, how pretty!!!