Studio Friday: COMFORT

" I recently splurged on a new office chair, and it is making a huge difference in how my back and neck feel at the end of the day, since I spend a lot of time at my computer. Now that the weather has turned a little chilly in the mornings, I'm using my heated lap blanket on my chair to make my work spot even cozier. I wonder what other artists do to make their studios more comfy. Comfort foods? Family photos on the wall? A cozy spot for an afternoon nap?". ~ Lisa

I don't do anything special for comfort in my studio. I'm constantly on my feet, moving from sewing machine to ironing board to cutting table and back again. I rarely sit down. So, I'm going to twist the concept a bit to include my cats. My cats like to follow me around during the day and, when I'm in my studio, they are, too. And cats are all about comfort.


I found an antique baby crib at an estate sale for $15 a couple of years ago. I thought it would make a great storage/display piece for craft shows or a shop (if I ever have a shop, that is), piled high with pillows and baby things. For now it sits in the corner of my studio and has several old quilts piled inside. My cat Sienna spends a large part of her day curled up there. I sometimes drape another blanket over the top to make a cave for her and the warmth from the radiator right below it filters up underneath.

I wish sometimes that I was small enough to climb in there with her. It looks so cozy!


My other cat Amaya likes to sleep under the lamp on my cutting table. This table is almost always a mess, with pieces of fabric and tools and all sorts if junk in the corner. It doesn't look very comfortable at all but that doesn't seem to bother her one bit.

I plan to spend most of today in my studio with my furry girls at my side. It's Black Friday and no way am I going anywhere near the mall or any store for that matter!

Read more about comfort here.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful markings your cats have! I have two toms (although since they are fixed, that doesn't seem like a fair characterization!) and like you, the mall is the last place I want to be today, so I am going to "splurge" by spending time in my studio with the furries nearby.

Anonymous said...

Looks so cozy. I am hoping some folks want to go out and support local artists today :) I'll be at a show/sale in a lovely old grange hall.

Heather said...

Sometimes the company of a furry friend is the best comfort.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are beautiful, and I love the idea you have about the crib as a display. I would've bought it too, if I had such a big studio to put it in!

Here is picture of my cat, not that comfortable a table, but still she liked it! :-)

Anonymous said...

What lovely kitties you have! They look so at home in your studio :)

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of studio cats around the world! I don't have one myself. But it looks nice.

Merle said...

Sienna looks soooooooo cozy, I would want to climb in there with her too, and the edge of my cutting table looks likes yours EEEEEKKK...but the work coming off of it is clean. Pretty blog - nice to discover you.

Anonymous said...

your cats have such lovely markings and they look like they don't have a problem being comfortable! Such good company!

tlchang said...

I love kitty-balls... My cat and I regularly fight over my studio chair (apparently it's the most comfortable place in the room - she thinks it's hers). Her next favorite place is inside the highest, large, flat, cardboard box stacked on top of the filing cabinet. She forces her way in underneath the lid and naps for hours.

Now that it is getting colder, she parks herself next to the space heater if I'm not giving up my seating space. :-) The dog just comes in and flops down anywhere there is room. I have lots of company while everyone else is gone for the day.

Egater said...

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You have done good work with stitches!
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Anonymous said...

Your kitties are adorable. Sleeping in that crib/fort sounds like the ultimate comfort spot!