Vicki, of Pattern Bee and turkey feathers fame, has a picture up of the towels she embroidered using my diner chicken patterns. And I commented that I should show a picture of the pillow I did, forgetting that I already had shown the embroidery and fabrics in a previous post. Last August - yikes. I finished it some time during the winter. I often have pillows in various states of completion and it takes a while to finish them sometimes.

But I never followed up to show you the finished pillow.

chicken pillow

This time, I stuck to my original plan and didn't make any changes to the design. The only thing I'd change now would be to make the outer borders (the chicken print) wider but the pillow is already 20x20 and the next standard size is 27x27—that's pretty big. I made this from the original stamped-for-embroidery towel and the design was set diagonally on the corner so I had to use it that way on the pillow, too. It took up more space than I would have liked.

You can find a tracing of this pattern (and a few others) for sale here. And don't forget to use coupon code STITCH SCHOOL when you check out for 25% off your pattern purchase. Good until the end of this month!


Patty H. said...

I love this pillow.
My mom taught me to embroider when I was younger but I havent' done any in a long time. She used to get Workbasket and seeing these patterns brings back memories of looking at those.
Patty H.

Anonymous said...

Great pillow!

Melissa said...

Love your chicken pillow! It's so summery!

Anonymous said...

I love the chicken pillow...so happy and bright!

My mom tried to teach me to embroider when I was young but my needlepoint craft of choice is was and will always be counted cross-stitch. It appeals to my right angle, straightline, nature. ;)

Michelle said...

I have just found you and your blog and you are both lovely and wonderful! I love to embroider although I haven't done any in quite awhile,but you are making me want to again. I will definitely be back!