the girls approve

This past weekend was a whirlwind of outdoor activities—there's so much to do this time of year. The vegetable garden is mapped out and the paths laid out in preparation for planting some of the early things (like lettuces and spinach) later this week. The lawn got mowed for the first time. The strawberry patch is weeded and straw put down between the plants to keep more weeds out. One of our redbud trees died over the winter and we bought a dogwood to replace it. And we ripped out some horrible bushes near our back patio, something we'd wanted to do for years, and bought a small tree to put in it's place.

And I washed the tile floor of our screened porch and started to put out some of the summer things—like the hammock and chair cushions. The girls tried them out right away and they appear to meet with their approval.

the girls

They'll spend a lot of time out here as it gets warmer. As will I. I wonder if they're dreaming about summer?


Anonymous said...

The girls sure are gorgeous! Every day I'm still missing my own little "girl," Stella, who passed away almost two years ago at the age of 3 from feline hypertropic cardiomyopathy - a congenital problem for some kittens. She also loved the screened porch and cooling herself on the flagstone floor. Hopping around after bugs was also a favorite summer pass time. Kiss your kitties every day! Cathy f.

Anonymous said...

Two things to be envious of, those dalrign kitties and your screened porch! Oh well, maybe someday!

The Trent Family said...

What cute kitties, I wish ours got along that well :)

janet said...

My girls are sisters so they get along pretty well, although they do have their moments :)

charlotte said...

hey Janet....I tagged you today! :)xoC