new patterns

A big thank you to everyone who's taken the embroidery poll I placed in the sidebar a couple of months ago—all 246 of you! I was trying to get a sense of what people are looking for and whether I needed to change my focus with my own patterns. Based on those results:

34% of you don't mind tracing your own patterns
33% have no preference
17% only purchase iron-on transfers
15% like to buy packaged kits with supplies included

and from the comments of my testers (thanks to you, too), I'm going to stick with my original plan. For now.

The patterns I'll be selling are ones that you'll have to trace yourself. After I investigate the feasibility of iron-on transfer patterns, I may switch to that option. It's the same amount of work for me but if it adds a lot to the cost of producing them —and thereby the purchase price—I may decide not to go in that direction.

Given that I'm a one-person operation working out of a spare bedroom in my home, it's very unlikely that I'll ever be able to offer things in kit form. Sorry to those of you who like that option.

So, without further ado, the patterns are up! Just six to start—with more on the way as I get time to package and list them on the website. The amount of sheets in each pattern varies, but each will arrive in a plastic zip-top sleeve with a basic stitch guide. Some patterns include a copy of the original manufacturer's directions (if they were included with the original project I purchased). And yes, these are all traced from stamped-for-embroidery projects in my collection—everything from tea towels to baby bibs—and designs that were never available as printed patterns!

As an extra thank you to my Stitch School "students" and blog readers, take 25% off your pattern order until the end of this month. Just enter the words STITCH SCHOOL when you check out and the discount will be applied. If you're planning to order more than one and will be paying with Paypal, I can send you an invoice with reduced shipping. If you're paying with a credit card I'll reduce the shipping for you when I process your card.


Anonymous said...

Janet, Good luck with your pattern offerings! And thanks for letting be one of your testers - Even though I said I would only buy iron-on patterns, yours are so cute that I'm sure I'll be buying some of them even if I have to trace them. I'm a real sucker for cute.

I'm still loving Primrose Design and all the beautiful things you share.

Cathy F from New Jersey

Patty said...

Janet, the patterns are great! You've inspired me to start job hunting again so I can buy some. :)