summer fruit

There's something about watermelon that just says "summer" like no other fruit does.

I bought this vintage 1940s-50s fabric on Ebay last week and it arrived yesterday. Love the colors! I make a lot of fruit-themed pillows so I'm always looking for interesting vintage cotton prints with fruit. This was the first I'd ever seen with watermelons.

And I found some cute watermelon slice buttons at Hancock's store closing sale for half price. Unfortunately I can't show you them because they seem to be lost somewhere in my studio. (Note to self—clean studio). I think I see a theme developing here :)

And thanks to Jen at Indie Fixx for featuring one of my vintage aprons last Saturday along with new aprons crafted by my friends Carrie at Sommer Designs and Jennifer at Textile Fetish.


Mrs. Hurzeler said...

During the months of April and May my husband and I have ate approximately 8 watermelons, full size watermelons. They have been so delicious, we have been unable to resist.

Patty said...

Cute fabric! I don't know about other parts of the country but all we can get here in So Calif is seedless watermelon which has no taste. I would kill for a watermelon with black seeds.