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Tutorial Tuesday

One of my embroidery tutorials is featured today on Indie Fixx! Jewelry designer Jenn Wallace of Tilting Swiftly fame runs this blog that features the best in indie style and design. And every Tuesday there's a tutorial from one of those designers. Worth checking out for that alone. But there's also a shop and special holiday and seasonal-themed gift guides, too!


Junie Moon said...

Congratulations on your featured tutorial. I'm going over to read and enjoy.

KR said...

congratulations! that's fantastic!! :)

Also wanted to let you know that I'm having a grand contest over at my blog, so if you get a chance, stop on by! :)


Anonymous said...

love your site so much, and what a great job!

Thank you!

jird said...

I just found your fabulous site through that link. I can't wait to get even further behind at work reading through all your stitch tutorials! Thanks so much for all the great information.