new sachets

A few of the sachets I mentioned in passing the other day.

butterfly sachet

red floral sachet

Two dozen of these are headed to a shop in California. And my supply of hankies is getting seriously low - time to go shopping, I think!


Anne K. said...

So. Darned. Cute!!!

You've given me another great idea now.

I have a LOT of lavendar in the garden...I should harvest it and make some sachets as well. But they won't be as cute as these!

Bean said...

these are so sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Those are so cool. I love the rich detailing, the lace, the retro print, the fine edging on the hankie, and your trademark buttons.
I'm interested in the process you use to select the components in your design - hankie, fabric, lace edging, buttons. What's first. How long does it take to reach the point where you say,"yea, that's it"? - JZ in VA

janet said...

JZ, that's a good idea for a future post. I'll work one up :)

Ashlee said...

Very sweet sachets! Love them.

Anonymous said...

Oooh charming!

Recupefashion said...

These are so lovely. I'm actually looking to make myself one to put my hankies in so they don't run loose all over in my purse. Great project.