Finding nice vintage fabrics is a challenge. Finding two of the same pattern in different colorways is a miracle!

gray-green-red colorway
Gray, green, red, black and white

blue-red-yellow colorway
Red, yellow, blue, navy and white

And, no, I didn't find them together. One was an Ebay purchase and I can't remember where I found the other. I thought at first it might be feedsack but the fabric is much too light in weight—definitely not sturdy enough to have been filled with grain or flour.


Unknown said...

Oh what wonderful vintage finds you've made in your past few posts! I too am getting ready for Craft Show months. Sun. is the first big one..then Nov. is packed every weekend! I love Autumn. Good luck st your show!

carolyn said...


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh yes! Its always a treat to find multiple colorways.
I'm amazed at how different the same design can look when printed in another color.

Kimberly :)

{kimmymade} said...

I second everything that Kimberly said!

Cantotrillon said...

Beautiful ... I've been looking for this type of pattern, but don't know what it's called. Is "colorway" the word?

janet said...

Colorway refers to color variations of the exact same pattern not for the pattern itself. I'm not sure what I'd call this pattern - maybe a graphic or stylized floral?

Cantotrillon said...

Hey, good news, vintagers! I found what the design is called that I was curious about. Metropolitan Art Museum catalog offers stationery with "Art Deco Flowers" print by French artist Edouard Benedictus. the style is described as "beautiful textile and wall paper designs using pochoir coloration, a technique in which color is applied by hand to individual black outline prints". Maybe not exactly the one I saw on your website, but similar.