Some photos from Hello Bluebird's grand opening yesterday evening. I had to leave around seven because I had a two-hour drive home but there was a line at the checkout when I left. And lots of happy faces.

ringing up sales

That's Alex ringing up one of the many sales that occurred during the opening. In spite of major internet problems all day and countless hours on the phone with support, it miraculously came back online in time for the opening. Good thing I arrived early so I could help with hanging artwork and arranging flowers!


The shop is full of major cuteness and I overheard lots of customers talking about how much there was to see. Seriously, I could have bought one of everything! I thought these stuffed penguins were especially cute. They're made by Emily Davis of MIAOW from tweeds and wools and she makes little birds and whales, too.


This is the wall of cards, prints, and framed artwork next to the front door. I love the contrast of red door against blue wall, don't you?

tree bag

And I had to buy this cute little bag made by Brooke Harlan of Brookiellen Designs. Because who could resist the fabric—little fruit trees—love it!

There are more photos on my Flickr page here. Congratulations to Alex on her new venture!

Updated to add a link for the fabrics—Timeless Treasures Apple. There's even one called Orchard Owls!


file under misc. said...

Cute bag! Those prints are the Timeless Treasures Apple Family set!

Ryan said...

Janet - Thanks for sharing those great photos. The shop looks amazing!

I wanted to ask you if you'd be able to find out the paint colors they chose for the store? I am redoing my sewing space and have been searching for just the right shades of aqua and red. These are perfect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy crafting!

Unknown said...

Best Wishes to All!! Looked like everyone was having a great time and what a pretty shop!

jtrph said...

I am trying to do french knots but they are really small and not really looking like a knot HELP

alex said...

thanks again for all of your help in those final pre-opening hours! couldn't have done it without you! I was overwhelmed by the response to the opening--it was an amazing evening, followed by two very busy days. It is so exciting to watch my dream come true!
As for the paint colors--the aqua is Aqua Rapids by whatever the main paint co at Lowes is.. and the red is Hibiscus, also at lowes...hope that helps!!

bopbopdesigns said...

looks fantastic can't wait to go!

brookiellen said...

I'm so glad you like the bag!!:)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I am so excited to see the finished store! You glimpses into the "corners" makes me want to go TODAY!

Wendy said...

What an adorable store. I love those penguins!