poor birds

I took this photo on Monday in the thick of the snowstorm that dumped 8 inches of wet, heavy snow on northeast Pennsylvania.


I've never seen so many birds at our feeders—and not just the usual chickadees and cardinals. Cowbirds, goldfinches, and red-winged blackbirds all made an appearance. All are birds that you see occasionally but that prefer other foods than birdseed. I'm not sure what the robins did. I saw a few of them trying to dig through the snow early in the day but they had to give up later.

Last year at this time I was posting pictures of pussywillows and commenting about how warm it was getting—LOL!


Tanya said...

You know I was thinking the same thing to myself.. Last year I had my roses all budding. This year they are all still winterized with snow on the ground!!
I love your blog.. I've just discovered you via Rosie got Cosy.
I love your stitching lessons. I attempted one of the stitches today on a piece of felt that I'm scrapping.. It cam e out really well..Thank you so very much for sharing!!

Camilla said...

Wow- I was just going to write a post about how I think i've got sunburnt shins from being outside all day today- seems like there must be some way we can share this weather out more evenly.