what happened to spring?

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. All this weird weather (it's actually snowing a little here today) has left me feeling kind of blah. I want to be working in my garden and getting inspired by nature. Instead I'm stuck inside, mostly on my computer doing not-so-creative things.

I did get back to Hancock Fabrics yesterday and spent at least an hour going through the entire store. I didn't buy the iron I set out to buy because it was a display model that looked like it had been sitting out for years. They aren't allowing returns on anything and I didn't want to take the chance. But I did buy a professional model to replace the one I bought last year - it's been leaking and spitting a lot lately and I fear it's days are numbered. I got lots of great fabrics, buttons, embroidery floss, and crib quilt batting, too. Our store will be open until June but it's already getting pretty picked over in some departments.

I found out a little more about the bankruptcy. They filed for Chapter 11 which allows them to remain in business but to reorganize the company. Part of that effort is to close 134 stores. They have 400 so it's possible that they won't be closing the store near you. I haven't heard anything about their plans to continue to publish Cutting Edge—if you have a subscription I imagine you'll be hearing from them if they decide to fold.

While I think its sad that they're closing our local store, the market where I live is too saturated. Joann, AC Moore, Michaels, and Hancock Fabrics—all within minutes of each other—is too much for an area that doesn't have a lot of sewers and crafters. Two very old fabric stores closed here in the past couple of years because they couldn't make it any more.

Because we're part of the crafting community and crafting seems to be the hot thing these days, we assume that everyone is doing it and there must be a market for more craft/fabric stores. I think that must depend on where you live—it's certainly not true here. That's OK, though. Computers have opened up the whole world as a source of supplies and there are so many wonderful online shops to buy them from. Shops that can stay small, offer excellent customer service, and focus on what they do best.


Anonymous said...

Its making me sad to see Hancock's go out too. My grandmother used to take me to Handcock's to pick out fabric for EVERYTHING. And yes, we are just recovering from our last little bit of snow here in Wisconsin. Sending some warmer temps. and sunshine your way so you can get out into that garden!


Unknown said...

It's snowing right now here in Colorado! What happened to spring, indeed?

I've heard that our local Hancock's is closing as well so I'm hoping to check it out tomorrow. I've actually never set foot in the store before so I don't know if there's anything good but it's worth a trip to look! Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry the store is closing. We don't have one here, but I have been in one and liked what I saw.

Camilla said...

I think maybe we've stolen all your spring. It's been super hot and sunny over here, with predictions of temperatures of 70 degrees at the weekend-which is nice, but also slightly terrifying as normally we still have rain and even snow showers in April.

KC Quilter said...

I just discovered your blog and love it! I'll visit often. I wanted to thank you so much for your embroidery stitch tutorials. I have been reading them and they are so well done. I've just recently gotten back into embroidery and the tutes will be so helpful.

AmeliaB said...

Spring? What's that? lol Isn't blog land wonderful with all the fellow crafters?


textile_fetish said...

One of our local Hancock's is closing too (if they haven't already). I NEED to get down there, but I just don't think about it since it's not nearby anymore. I was wondering if you all in the East have had flowers blooming that suffered from the freeze.

janet said...

It's been cooler than normal this spring so our flowers are behind schedule—that's a good thing this year since we've got about 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning!