Stitch School: Overcast Stitch

Stitch School has moved to it's very own space on the web! You'll now find the Overcast Stitch post here. Comments are now closed on this post; if you'd like to leave a comment please do so on the new one.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for all your posts! everything seems so clear!

Claire said...

You posts are wonderful, I can't wait for stitch school to be in session.

I just got that same booklet at a library sale! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like this stitch and I look forward to the new site. :)

AmeliaB said...

I'm thinking of adding some embroidery to a new dress I'm working on. I'll definately come back to see your great posts. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

i have seen most of the stitchs and all are wonderful and easy to understand.Stich school is excellent. can u show how to do the honeycomb filling stitch in your stitch school.