black and white

And I'm not talking about those cookies made famous in that Seinfeld episode, although they're pretty good, too. Black and white as in buttons. In the comments to my post about my new button rack (which arrived yesterday and is as awesone as I thought it would be), Rosemary wanted to see some of the buttons that came along with the rack. Most of them are newer and pretty basic but I picked out some of the prettier ones to show you. All black and white, and the polkadots are my favorite—as if you couldn't guess that already :)

polkadot buttons

Some faceted black jet buttons by Streamline...

faceted jet  buttons

And a white pearl and black plastic, both with a square in circle design...

vintage buttons

As with most groups of buttons I buy, I'll keep the ones I really like for my own work, then resell the rest on my website. I have nice groups of metal and pearl buttons listed now and just added another batch to the plastic button section (my biggest sellers) yesterday. If you see something you like grab it fast! I have regular customers, including a couple of people in Japan, who tend to snap up the good ones.


Anonymous said...

I ADORE those polka-dotted ones too. ME WANT!

Anonymous said...

Love your buttons. The polka-dotted ones brings a smile to my face. I can remember going to the store and picking out buttons on one of those racks. I am so glad you were able to buy one. Just looking at it with your displays, will bring a joy/smile to your face each time you see it. Great find.