early morning in the garden

I like to take a short walk outside in the mornings, usually with camera in hand just in case I see something worth photographing. We have an old fieldstone wall across the front of our property and I often see the garter snake sunning himself and chipmunks running along it's length with their tails straight up in the air. I've always wondered why they do that.

This morning our columbines are in full bloom. These are the cultivated kind, not the wild (we have some of them, too, but I missed getting photos this year).


I'm always reminded how perfect and beautiful nature's creations are. We try to capture that in our own creations, whether in photos or needlework or whatever crafts we make, but it always comes in second to the real thing. That's not to say that we shouldn't keep trying :)

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fleur_delicious said...

oh, the columbine are so lovely. I had some aquilegia formosa in my native garden back in Seattle. I suppose they would be blooming now. Thanks for the inspiration, though - I have a somewhat shady spot beside a fence (the thyme-leafed fuschias are positively thriving) and I've been wondering what I could fill it with. I think some columbine would be just the thing!