Company's comin'

Sadly, I'm missing Thrift Thursday this week. We have company coming for the weekend and I've been cleaning, making up the guest bedroom, and generally spiffing up the place. And finding no time for thrifting or shopping beyond the usual run to the grocery store. By next week, I hope to be back to normal schedule-wise. Because I'm not getting much work done either.

I don't entertain that much so this will be fun. Tonight I'm making pork and sweet potato kebabs and broccoli with lemon. And I picked up some lemon tarts for dessert, although my husband just called to tell me that he had just stopped at a bakery in NJ and picked up a tiramisu cake. But, I always say you can never have too many desserts! I'll make something homemade later in the weekend—probably with fruit from the farmers market.

And tomorrow is the big day. The hardwood is being delivered for our new kitchen floor! Finally, we're replacing the yucky raspberry-colored carpet that's been there since we moved in. I've never been a fan of carpeted kitchens—way too hard to keep clean—and I'm so looking forward to this change. The wood has to acclimate itself to our house environment for about a week before it can be installed. I'm not sure I can wait—it's going to be so pretty! I'll have to post before and after pictures so you can see.

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