Feel like venting about PR?

Wednesday nights episode of Project Runway left me feeling kind of queasy—such nastiness. And an obviously producer-chosen winner (again!). I'm honestly getting tired of yelling at the television. So, I was happy to see a recent post at Blogging Project Runway. Titled To the Producers (and actually read by the producers of the show) it's your chance to tell them what you really think. No holds barred, although cursing is against the rules. Better grab a cup of coffee if you're going to read all the comments—it was up to 249 last time I checked. I knew PR viewers were smart and knowledgeable about fashion already but there are some really insightful comments and suggestions. Join the fun if you feel like venting. Who knows, maybe they'll actually listen. And your television will thank you.

And, for more PR goodness, tune in to Larry King tonight from 9-10pm (CNN). His guests will be some designers from Seasons 1 and 2 (Santino Rice, Chloe Dao, Jay McCarroll, Daniel Vosovic) along with Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn.


Junie Moon said...

I cannot see how people can behave so ugly to each other--does it make them better designers (NO) or better people (NO)? The nastiness makes me very uncomfortable. I thought having the mothers/sisters as models was a lovely touch and was shocked at the rudeness and arrogance displayed--I was hoping the culprit would be ousted (so much for what I think)--after all, that poor mother was honestly answering Tim's question.

Anonymous said...

That show is really getting off track. I mean....designers who can't sketch?