Thrift Thursday: 8.17.06

I found this stack of old knitting magazines at a church basement sale—a paper grocery bag full—for $1. I don’t knit but I wasn’t going to pass up a deal like that—a couple of them are from the late 30s!! I figured I could resell them on Ebay or on my website if I don't take up knitting myself :)

vintage knitting magazines

The magazines include patterns for socks and mittens, sweaters (men's and women's) and jackets, military wear, and children's things. Some of them have great graphics, like this from Woolies for Infants (1940):

vintage knitting magazine
Love the stork!

And this cover with cool fashion illustration, also from 1940:

vintage knitting magazine

This is the same church sale that I went to last year where I found a reversible feedsack apron for 25 cents that I resold on Ebay for $12. It's also where I bought the china plates that I blogged about here.

When you're out hunting for vintage treasure don't pass up church sales. I've had amazing luck with them! I suspect that people where I live are more likely to donate things to church sales than they are to thrift shops. At least the older people—and, frankly, they're the ones with the best stuff.

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Anonymous said...

What a great find. You should give some of the designs a go...do you know any servicemen that you could knit something for?!

carrie s. said...

Very cool - I really want to learn to knit. Those are so inspiring!

Sally said...

Fantastic! I love the vintage illustrations etc. You could also post some of the pics on flickr.com. There are a few very active groups that post various patterns & images from old sewing, fabric, crafts books & mags.