I've had a couple of requests for closeups of the silver I bought at the show, so I took a few more pictures of it and the china it goes with. It's almost scary how well the patterns match. Like they were made for each other. And no, I didn’t carry a piece of the china with me :)

pattern comparison

Maybe it’s because I’m such a visual person. I’ve been known to come home with articles of clothing that exactly match things I have in my closet. So, somewhere in my mind I’d stored away the visual information on the china. The triple band, the little dots, the flowers. Incredibly, the flowers on both are practically an exact match!

silver pattern

china pattern

I inherited the china from my grandmother and, since the pattern is from 1918 (Noritake ‘Croydon’), I suspect it was a wedding gift—the timing is just about right. It's very formal and I use it only occasionally—for fancy dinners and holidays—because it's fragile and has to be washed by hand. It amazes me that, with all the times I've moved over the years, only a few pieces didn't survive. I love that it has so many colors in the pattern and that it goes as well with yellow linens as it does with pink.

And I especially love that I now have silver to match it. Must plan some fancy dinners soon :)


carrie s. said...

Thanks for the close up! It's really beautiful, and the match is uncanny! Great eye - but we knew that already! ;)

tlchang said...

That is pretty amazing! And how fortuitous and serendipitous! Love those kinds of shopping trips.

Junie Moon said...

The china and silver are wonderful together. There's something to be said for synchronicity; obviously, the two were meant for each other and you.

zgirls said...

I have the same pattern...also was my grandmother's...so neat to see someone else has it :)
Beth Z from West Michigan