I've been neglecting my blogging the past few days. I went to the local farmers market on Friday and brought home bags of fruit—beautiful peaches and plums and blueberries. I had planned to make some desserts but they were perfect all by themselves. And I spent most of the weekend working outside in the garden. There's so much to do. The veggies are bustin' out all over the place - and the weeds aren't far behind. My Casa Blanca lilies are blooming and smell heavenly—like vanilla and cinnamon.


It's starting to cool off quite a bit now (around 50 degrees most mornings) so working outside is more do-able than it was a few weeks ago.

Next weekend I'll be on the road to the Madison-Bouckville Antique Show. I went last year for the first time and found tons of cool stuff, so I imagine this year will be the same. I'll do a road-trip post about the trip and my finds next week.

In other news, my indie shop interview is up at Miss Evil Kitty. A little free press never hurts!

And finally, now that it's cooler, I'm getting back into embroidery. I hope to have a few things done this week so I can post some pictures and also start working on the pillows they're supposed to be part of.

There. I'm all caught up :)

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Gorgeous flower!