Thrift Thursday

My friend Carrie over at Sommer Designs started a group on Flickr last week where members can post pictures of their thrift store finds. And also blog about their finds on Thursdays. Sadly, due to my raging sinus infection last week, I wasn’t able to participate. But this is exactly my kind of thing so I'm all over it today!

I should mention that we don’t have very good thrift stores in the city where I live. One Salvation Army that's more cheap polyester clothing than cool decorating finds. So I’m interpreting thrifting in looser terms, and including anything I find a deal on, no matter where I find it. And since I’m saving my cash for a big antique show coming up in 3 weeks and it was too damn hot to go out today, I’m showing a recent find.

Chinese teapot

I found this little cat-shaped teapot in a shop that sells a mix of antiques, collectibles and just plain junk. In other words, you never know what you’re going to find. At a little more than 5 inches tall, it's very small and cute without being cutesy. White porcelain with painted details. The head screws off to fill the pot with tea and it pours out of the fish's mouth. Made in China. $3.00



carrie s. said...

Hey, you know what? Thrift is where you find it! I love that kitty pot!

Anonymous said...

The new photopool sounds good - I've just blogged about it here to spread the word!

Anonymous said...

oh! my nana has this same little teapot--or, at least, one very similar to it! She and my grandfather have a lovely collection of teapots, and, although they have no cats now, have been cat-lovers forever. I love the squirmy orange goldfish! I think I might have to get in on this Thrift Thursday business--what a nice excuse to show off our fun finds!

Anonymous said...

how cute! I've never seen one before where the kitty holds a fish..

MaryJeanes said...

I just got that exact one from an antique store my friend owns! I gave it to my boyfriend's little sister for Christmas. I thought it was too cute!