just duckie

Look at this cutie. One of a pair of vintage stamped-for-embroidery baby bibs I won on Ebay last week. They arrived yesterday and I love 'em. The crochet and pale yellow rickrack border is so sweet!

duck bib

I'll embroider these this winter, then add them to the vintage baby section on my website. They'll be super cute for someone to give as a baby gift!

duck bib motif

They even have the store tags still attached! 19 cents—can you believe it?

duck bib label


Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog by accident when I googled "hand embroidery" and I must say I LOVE IT. I've spent the last 2 days (at work, hehehe) reading from your very first day of blogging. I've also ventured over to your site and I just want you to know that you are an inspiration! I've always been interested in needlework, had my own cross stitch shop for several years but closed it aobut 5 yrs ago when my mom retired. Now I do medical coding (boring but pays the bills)but my first love is needlework. I am just getting back into embroidery after a long absence and your site gave me some great inspiration. Thank you and please keep posting your 'treasures' :-)
Robin Pichelmayer
Kimberly, AL (Birmingham suburb)

Anonymous said...

I love those pre-printed baby items...once I found a flannel baby jacket at a flea market and finished the embroidery on it. Yours has such nice trim & the cute price tag...I miss Woolworths and stores like them.

Eve Sanchez said...

Gorgeous! I am lucky to follow your blog. Have a nice day!