the sketch

Here's what I'm thinking the quilt will look like (sketch done in Photoshop using swatches from the fabric store website that have been cropped to fit):

animal quilt

The back will be made from the polkadot fabric and turned to the front to make the binding/border. I wouldn't normally use two polkadots together but the dots in the green fabric are so tiny that it almost looks like a solid.

Not sure yet on the width of the strips and squares because I haven't worked out the overall quilt size yet. I'd like to not have to piece the back so the width of the brown fabric is going to determine everything else.

I worked for a couple of hours last night on the embroidery (while waiting for Project Runway to come on). Almost done!


Sweetness and Light said...

Jant, it's simply divine!!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

I found your blog thru "Lola...Again".
I think your quilt is going to be absolutely adorable.
I LOVE the animal theme.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh, That quilt will be wonderful!
I really like the idea of the stripes with the embroidered blocks.

Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog, really enjoyed looking at your work. That quilt looks like it will be a winner!