a present

I don't buy myself presents very often but it was my birthday last week and I've been good lately (hee!). So, I bought myself a pincushion from The Daily Pincushion at Etsy. These pincushions are so gorgeous that the word pincushion doesn't seem good enough to describe it. It needs a fancier name. And I'm not sure I feel right sticking pins in it either.


Each is made from wool felt and takes a day to make (hence the shop name Daily). Most have flower themes, although there are some very cute pumpkins listed now. All have embroidery (nicely done French knots on this one), some have beads and buttons. The detail is exquisite and the workmanship perfect!


After much deliberation I chose the simple Red Rodeo Pincushion but I didn't see this Violet Blue Pincushion or I might have ordered it. It really is almost impossible to choose.

These would make great holiday gifts!

And, speaking of Etsy, I've been adding things to my own (long-neglected) shop. I've never done very well at Etsy but that may be because I never update it. Will try to be better at doing so. I listed some hanky sachets and a few tissue cozies. I've got two dozen new cozies on my worktable now so more will be coming very soon.


Amy said...

what a lovely etsy find! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful! They would make great presents. I just posted some pony tail holders made with wool felt on my blog. Not nearly as beautiful though.