oh, deer

Another finished block:


I should be finished with the embroidery this week. All the blocks are at least halfway done with most needing just the facial details—the eyes are so small on some of the animals that they're killing my eyes! The brown polkadot fabric is on the way and I should be able to start cutting the fabric strips next week.

A quick shout out to one of my readers who mentioned the Antique Pattern Library web site in comments. This really is a great resource for vintage patterns—all scanned from public domain needlework pattern books and available as pdf downloads. Very cool. Thanks JZ!


Brook said...

oh this is sooo beautiful!

Kathy said...

Janet, so adorable. You can find other online books at a crazy quilt wiki site which several of us work on.


candiceandashley said...

can you tell me what stitch you used on this? I'm sure it's simple and a 'duh', but I'm new and I can't figure it out. :) thank you!

janet said...

Candice, most of this is done with straight stitch. The outline of the deer, the stems on the plant and the word FAWN are outline stitch. The leaves are lazy-daisy. The eye and nose are satin stitch. These stitches (and French knots, which you don't see here) are used for 99% of embroidery! I've done Stitch Scholl posts for all of these stitches - check the sidebar.