october surprise

And no, not the political pre-election kind :)

Snow! Very early-in-the-season snow!

icy leaf
An icy leaf

I woke up early (like 4-ish) this morning because I heard something crash outside and realized that it was snowing. Still too dark to see what the crash was and, with that bear still around, I wasn't going outside to investigate. I'm not crazy. But now that it's light enough to see I figured out what it was. Half of one of the old apple trees in the yard is lying on the ground. Between the apples and the snow, the weight was just too much for it. And while I was out checking the damage I saw part of a tree go down up in the woods. I shook snow off the lilac because the branches were dragging on the ground but no real damage there. Not sure what else we'll lose today - it's the really heavy wet kind of snow.

broken apple tree
The fallen apple tree

I was trying to remember the last time we had snow this early and it was a long time ago. We do get flurries sometimes in October but not a several-inches kind of snow and we're due for 3 to 5 inches today. Good thing I did all those errands yesterday and can stay home today. I have two dozen tissue cozies on my work table that need to be done this week!


Suzan Oxenreider said...

Good gried! Where are you in PA? Here in Berks County it is slippery and wet but no snow though they are talking about the possibility of flurries this afternoon. I love snow but I am not prepared for it this early!!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr! I was complaining about how cold it is here (41 degrees in Atlanta) this morning. But snow? In October? I'd be moving. LOL!

janet said...

I'm way up in the corner near the border with New York (Lackawanna Co.). Once you get on the other side of that mountain tunnel near Allentown it's like a whole different state!

Vicki W said...

What a nice treat - so much for global warming! LOL!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! When I left Colorado for LA, I never thought I'd miss the cold weather but I have to say I do a little.

Camilla said...

So strange- I was thinking about you and snow earlier today. It's been really cold here (well for us it's cold), and I was feeling gloomy about it all and then you popped into my head as I started to wonder how i'd get through a winter like you have. In my 'storybook' version of your life I think all the bears and other creatures would help keep me company and warm all winter. I'm ignoring the fact that bears hibernate, because in my version they stay awake and toast marshmallows with me.

Kathy said...

I was shocked when I seen the weather report today. Sorry about your apple tree. One area had a foot of snow. I guess we were lucky, just very windy. I am not ready for the white stuff yet. Then again I am never ready.

backhomeagain said...

I thought for sure we'd get some snow for Halloween, here in Northern Colorado. But no such luck. The first snow of the season in always so much fun but the ice is not.... Beautiful pictures!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Yikes! I'm not ready for snow!
We were due a few flurry this morning, but nothing like you got in PA.
So sorry about the poor apple tree. :(
It is beautiful, but causes a lot of damage when there's still leaves on the trees. Drive safe.

Kimberly :)

janet said...

Drive? Hah, I'm not going anywhere! Actually, the roads aren't bad today. We got between 3 and 4 inches, but it's sunny so it should start melting.

And it is sad about the tree but there's still half of it there and it did need a good pruning. It should come back. And we'll get some wood for our wood stove - apple smells really nice when it's burning.

Anonymous said...

Hello Janet! I've been reading you for almost 2 years now and I agree with your comment in your previous post. We need to support our local shops, markets and crafters! We forget how much this is important to the community. I try to avoid the big places like wal-mart as much as possible and shop in smaller places and buy handmade as much as possible.
Come and say hello sometimes at

oh by the way, we woke up with snow in Montréal too this morning...2 inches here and at the cottage up north, 6 inches!!!!
Frenchie girl from Québec, Maggie

Anonymous said...

oops I think I left my first comment as an email! As I said there, our rainy season came early too! I wonder what this years weather has in store for us.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! The first snow fall of the season!

DeeAnn said...

Your poor pretty tree. I'm really glad you didn't lose the lilac bush. I'm in the Ozarks & I read about the big snowfall y'all getting in the news. My heart goes out to you, lol. It's too early for snow in my book. It has to wait till after Halloween. Stay warm & cozy. Send your bear my way. I will take him. I love Black Bears & have rescued a few.