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I had a great meeting with Cristin Powers of GreenBeing last week and I'm going to be selling some of my things on consignment in her new shop. Open for just a few weeks, GreenBeing (334 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503) is downtown Scranton's first eco-boutique and part of the Adams Avenue renaissance that includes Eden, a new vegan cafe set to open on November 7th! It's also in the same block as my favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Rak Thai!

Cristin plans to sell a selection of environmentally-friendly clothing, accessories, and handmade items by Pennsylvania designers, including her own line of handbags crafted from recycled fabrics and burlap.

Other designers and artists featured in the shop include Nicole Erin Carey (Nicole’s Threads), Kathy DellaValle (Artwork by KD), Tomlynn Fallon (Worn), Rebecca Kinsey (Little Red), Nicole Kulp (Recycle My Dress), Chrissy Manuel (Shoplift!), and Amanda Vonson-Fernandes (Oh Sweet Josephine). Who knew there were so many crafty ladies in Scranton? And how exciting to be part of the crafty scene!

I brought Cristin a little bit of everything I make—a few pillows (that butterfly one in the picture is one of them) and lots of smaller things, including tissue cozies, sachets, tea towels, and vintage fabric-covered buttons.

I don't consciously think of my work as recycling, although 99% of my things are made from salvaged materials. With me, it's more that I'm saving something important (antique needlework) and using it in a new, more usable way. I guess that is recycling after all :)

I'll also be selling sachets and pillows at Bridge Street Marketplace (61 Bridge Street, Tunkhannock, PA 18657). This antiques/collectibles mall is a frequent stop for me when I'm out treasure hunting—I find lots of great buttons and hankies here. But it's also a craft market and owner E.J. "Sam" Casterline has stocked the front with all sorts of cottage and shabby chic items.

I suspect I don't have a lot of local blog readers but if you're in northeastern Pennsylvania any time soon, stop in to either of these shops. The holidays are coming and wouldn't it be nice to support small businesses this season by shopping locally (where ever you live)?


Anonymous said...

That's great that you have this shop to sell in. If I lived there I'd definitely come by. We don't have many shops around with handmade items...in fact, I can only think of one still in business and it is kinda far.
Those felt pin cushions are too sweet.

Unknown said...

thanks for linking me! hope to see your stuff when I get back to Scranton =)

Catherine said...

Great blog. Speaking as a Pennsylvania transplant now living in northern Arizona, I love you Snow!! We do get snow, an inch or two that melts by the next day. Your work is quite lovely.