Studio Friday: Favorite Color Combos

" I make jewelry and I find that I have certain color combinations that tend to be my favorite and I use more often. So I would love to see what color combinations everyone likes to use". ~ Sharla

Since I use fabrics that coordinate with the vintage linens I use, the linens themselves often dictate my color choices. I'll pick up a couple of the predominant colors from the embroidery or accent it with buttons in one of the minor colors.

But, looking back over the past years work, and not counting custom work since that's always customers choice, I do see patterns and certain combinations that I'm drawn to. I use red much more than I would have admitted because it's not a color that looks good on me clothes-wise. It goes really well with its companion primary colors of yellow and blue—


And I seem to use purples a lot and love them combined with turquoise like in this recently completed pillow—


Here's one of my favorite feedsack fabrics that has the same combination with a bit of orange thrown into the mix—


I suspect that purple and orange only go well together with the addition of another color like the bright green leaves in this fabric, or perhaps with a lot of white—


I love black with almost anything (true for clothes as well) because it makes the colors really pop—


And grays seem to do the same, although not quite as intensely—


I've never been a fan of pink but it's starting to grow on me. In small doses, that is. A lot of my customers love pink so I continue to use it in my work.

Perhaps it would have been easier to talk about what I don't like together—although I can't think of much. This post certainly would have been a shorter one :)

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I always love your combinations. You always manage to keep true to the era, colorwise, I think. A rare gift...lovely fabrics shown!

Artifax said...

Lovely fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Great color combinations! I love the turquoise and purple!

Anonymous said...

Love the color combos. I especially love the purple with the turquoise button. It's funny how one small detail can just complete the design.