Vintage ornaments

In their December issue, Country Home magazine did a short article about collecting vintage glass Christmas ornaments. Like these:

vintage ornaments

And these are some ornaments from my collection. It was kind of cool to see that I have some of the same designs—and the tiny blown-glass teapot has always been my favorite.


I don’t really collect ornaments—I just happen to have these from my parent’s collection. And I’ve moved about 20 times since leaving home so it’s a wonder they haven’t broken. The teapot is especially delicate with its little spout and handle.

If you do decide to collect ornaments like this, October to December is the time when they're most plentiful in antique shops. But keep your eye out for them all year 'round as they'll be less expensive at other times of the year. And don't forget flea markets. I found several boxes of ornaments on Sunday at the local indoor market—$1 per box!


Now to get these on the tree!


charlotte said...

just got mine out too...have some cool oldies. makes me happy!

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Hello Janet!

LOVE this blog.

These ornaments are beautiful- the colors are so funand what do they call that on "Antiques Road Show"- the batina? very nice.


tlchang said...

Love the vintage glass - the new versions can't compare.

Crystal said...

I have the same little red teapot ornament. it was handed down from my great grandmother. I was wondering if you knew how old it was or who made it. I don't see any markings on it. Thank you.

janet said...

Crystal, mine was from my grandmother so I'm guessing it's from the 1930s-40s. My dad (her son) was born in 1931 and I suspect they bought it for their tree when he was a child. There's probably no way to tell now who the manufacturer was. I'd guess it was made in Germany.