Thrift Thursday: Vintage Bread Box

I've already posted about the vintage glass ornaments I found at the flea market on Sunday. It was actually a very good day for finding treasures. I discovered a bunch of old buttons on cards and met a very nice woman named Anne who had lovely old handkerchiefs and rickrack, which I'm afraid I cleaned out her supply of.

But the best thing I found was this vintage bread box with morning glories. For $8!

vintage bread box

For the rest of my time at the market people kept saying how much they loved it and where ever did I find it. I've said it before—look down. It was under a chair in a corner and tucked underneath a bunch of other stuff. There are a couple more pictures on my Flickr if you'd like to see details.

That's the thing with flea markets, and especially this one. Things aren't always clean, and beautifully arranged. You certainly don't want to wear white while shopping. It's messy and dirty and things are piled every which way. Junking isn't for the faint of heart!

As always, there are more Thrift Thursday finds here. Join the fun—show us what you've found!


Anonymous said...

I love that breadbox, what a score! Just lovely...

janet said...

When I was posting this morning I said to myself "Carrie is going to love this one!" And I was right ;)