Studio Friday: RITUALS & WISHES!

"So many of my friends have certain little rituals they adhere to when starting to work, or finishing work. I do too. It can't be that unusual, and some are very sweet or amusing. Although some are maybe too embarrassing to share?

Another thought is: If you could make one or two changes to your studio, by magic, what would they be?" ~ Nancy Bea

If there were such a thing as creativity dust I'd throw some up in the air before I start to create. It doesn't work like that, although it does seem like magic sometimes. I don't think I have any rituals except that I'm quite messy when I work and I like to clean up before starting a new project—kind of like starting with a clean slate—or work table in my case.

As for wishes, more space, of course. Yet, whatever space I have, no matter how much larger than the previous one, I always manage to fill it up. So I should wish for better organizational powers instead. I'd also wish for better light, whether that was larger windows or track-lighting in the ceiling. I love the natural light on a bright sunny day but it can be very dark on cloudy days and at night.

What do other artists wish for? Read more here.


Anonymous said...

I like your idea about throwing some creative dust into the air above our heads... maybe that is what we really do when we sit down to make something?

thanks for sharing

tlchang said...

My finishing-up ritual is the same. It always feels like a reward to clean up the studio - reshelve all the books I've used, refile all the scrap, put away all the materials, vacuum the floor... It always makes me happy.

I love the idea of creativity dust... Sparkly! Want some!

robin said...

I dream of track-lighting too! Merry Christmas!