I think I mentioned once that people contact me occasionally asking if I buy vintage stuff—fabric or buttons or whatever. I bought lots of vintage fabric this summer from a guy in Wisconsin and you'll find some of it for sale now on my website. You probably wonder how I can bear to part with it but there was so much that I could keep yards of each design for myself and still have leftovers to sell.

I don't know if any of you are interested in barkcloth but he recently sent two designs to me hoping that I could sell them for him. And these pieces are the real deal—one is mint condition never used and the other has been made into curtains which are a bit dusty and could use a good cleaning. Tons of fabric to work with. Both are 1940s-50s.

These will go up on my site soon but if you want either of them before then email me and we'll work out details.


47" wide x 3 yards mint-condition gray background with browns, greens, pinks, and black. Selvedge edge says PATTERN NORTHCLIFF - GUARANTEED TO BE VAT PRINTS - PRE-SHRUNK. Selling for $45 (plus shipping)

barkcloth curtains

Two curtain panels in a gorgeous leaf design with green and maroon on light grey. 39" wide (with 1.5" hems on each side) x 87" long (plus 3" deep header and 1.5" hem). They do need to be cleaned but the only real flaw I can find is a 10" long section cut out from the hem of one curtain. Not sure why someone would have done this. You can't see it from the front but, if you wanted to use them as curtains and it bothers you, you could shorten them by a few inches and no one would ever know. If you're going to cut them up, say for pillows or bags, this won't be an issue. Selling for $50 (plus shipping). If I had a room with a single window in my house, I'd be keeping these babies!

Update: The leaf design curtains have been sold!

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