There's a little farm girl in all of us

I've been seeing a new magazine on the newstand the past couple of months but didn't pick one up until yesterday. Really, could you resist a cover line that says "Special Stitchery Issue"? I couldn't.


The magazine is called Mary Janes Farm and is part catalog for the company's organic food and related products and part magazine. And it has no advertising (except for their own products), which is pretty unusual in the magazine world.

This issue has lots of articles about stitching—mostly about aprons. And there are instructions and patterns for five aprons—a hankie pocket apron, a hankie apron, one with faux smocking, and a make-do apron recycled from a shirt. The fifth is a super cute Little Red Riding Hood 3-in-1 topsy-turvy doll. If you flip back Little Red Riding Hood's skirt, you'll find Grandma underneath and when you flip up Grandmas' bonnet you'll find the wolf hiding inside wearing her apron. How cool is that?


They have ten more apron patterns for sale, both through an order form at the back of the magazine and on their website product page. They also sell a few embroidery kits, one for dishtowels with veggies that looks pretty cool.

I haven't had the chance yet to really sit down with this and read the articles but wanted to mention the magazine so you can go out and find one if you're interested. I have a feeling this one will be flying off the shelves!

Photos copyright 2006 by MaryJanesFarm


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I picked up this magazine and drooled over it for hours. It is such an amazing publication and because it is ad-free it seems even longer than normal magazines. I can pick it up time after time and find something new to read. And I was so thrilled to see so many apron stories. I hope to one day visit the farm. Mary is such an inspiration.

wendy harbaugh said...

mjf farm has aforum you might want to check out