Well, it's over

Season 3 of Project Runway, that is. Congratulations to Jeffrey Sebelia, who I'll admit is a creative and innovative designer but whose clothing is just not to my taste. And who already has a clothing line and company! So, yes, I'm in the "Uli was robbed camp". Oh, well, nobody cares what I think, fashionista that I am- LOL! All of the top four designers will do well, including Uli, and it will be interesting to see where they all are a year from now.

I've been finishing up an order of sachets for a gallery in Virginia, and a batch of tissue cozies for a trade with another artist, so I've been avoiding the computer the past few days. I am working on a few new posts, so I'll be back tomorrow. And what's a post without pictures, so here is one of the new sachets. I'm using brighter colors underneath the eyelet on these, so you see little hints of color peeking out. I still have shops that like the all-white ones, but I think I like these better.

lavender sachet

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Junie Moon said...

The sachet is lovely. I thought Michael would win before I saw his final work and then I fell in love with Uli's clothes but Jeffrey...well, he annoyed me the whole season and I really did not like his line at all.