Studio Friday: Stick it to the...Board!

"It would be interesting to see the variety of bulletin/memory boards in our studios. What is pinned to them? Photos? Notes? Reminders? Ideas for future projects?" ~Jill

Love this topic! What we put on our bulletin boards are the things that inspire us, memorialize past events in our lives, and make us happy just to look at. At least that's true of mine.

bulletin board 1

Some things on my board:

A handkerchief angel made by my friend Mary and given to me at a time when I really needed someone to watch over me.

Postcards featuring the work of one of my favorite jewelry/bead artists, Helen Baines, who I once had the pleasure of meeting at her studio space at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA.

Some ethnic silver jewelry and a strand of green glass hippie beads (no fooling - from 1972!) purchased on a school trip with my Spanish class to Greenwich Village. We ate paella at a Spanish restaurant and visited a head shop - LOL!

bulletin board 3

Three cards of black buttons that I bought months ago to replace the ugly ones on a sweater I bought. I'll get to it some day. I swear.

A felt gift bag shaped like a ladybug - how cool is that?

A portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe, another favorite artist.

A bunch of fun ball-shaped push pins in bright colors from Target.

A Japanese origami paper crane.

A millinery rose.

An embroidered and beaded purse I bought at Leekan Designs in NYC a couple of years ago. And a red and gold Chinese tea packet that was much too pretty to throw away.

bulletin board 2

A carved and painted wooden cat from Oaxaca, Mexico.

An Anthropologie fabric-covered picture frame. Cute idea but I think I can do a better one :)

Some patterns for a future patchwork pillow and dancing vegetables that I use for embroidering tea towels.

My favorite quote, clipped from a magazine.

bulletin board 4

The cool thing about bulletin boards is how fluid they are. Tomorrow, next week, or next month mine will look very different as I add new things and get rid of the old ones.

More inspiration here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful board Janet! I love the hodge podge of items - perfectly inspirational...

Artifax said...

What an enchanting board, full of lovely treasures and inspirations. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your bulletin board is so happy looking! A pleasure to see, thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...

Great board...love the ladybird bag!

Ouissi x

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you have a lot of great memories on there! A treasure board really!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Your board has many things I would like to look at, it is full of curiosity, giving generous inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Really cool story u have here. It would be nice to read a bit more about that theme. Thanx for sharing such information.


janet said...

To the anonymous person who is attempting to post spam to this page, I'm going to reject your comment every time. Please save yourself the trouble and stop.