Thrift Thursday 10.5

A week ago Sunday we drove down to Shupp's Grove flea market again for what will probably be our last trip of the year. They close down for the season later this month and it's already getting quite chilly most mornings. Chilly as in maybe I'd rather stay in bed. Besides, I did so well with flea marketing this summer that I'm pretty well stocked with materials to last me through the winter. I don't really need to be shopping for more stuff.

So I found more vintage eyelet, a pretty feedsack, four mint-condition bib aprons for $3 each, and lots of buttons (for 25 cents a card!!!)

vintage buttons

We also stopped at a relatively new antique mall called The Mad Hatter (Route 272 and 61 Willow Street, Adamstown, PA). The front part is set up with glass cases filled with beautifully-arranged antiques and vintage things—I mostly remember how sparkly and glittery the jewelry looked. Towards the back are rows of individual booths and I found some cool things—a pair of crochet baby booties ($1.50)...

vintage crochet booties

a bag full of vintage rickrack ($6), and this funny towel with ducks ($5). That's a bit more than I'd normally spend for a tea towel but the pattern is so cute. Or maybe cute isn't the right word—what is that little duck doing with such a big knife?

vintage embroidered towel

I keep thinking of that line from one of the Crocodile Dundee movies where they're accosted by punks with a knife—"That's not a knife. This is a knife."—as Paul Hogan whips out what is indeed a very large knife :)


Anonymous said...

I love those yellow buttons and the large blue ones - they complement each other perfectly.

Jennicakes said...

Wow, you did SO well! Makes me miss living in PA where everything is inexpensive.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

That line about the knife is so classic. I can picture everything from the punks to his jacket to his long knife. I moan about this a lot but I never find good buttons. Well I find buttons but they are all brown and black and rather dull. What a great find.