A walk in the park

Some friends from Tennessee visited us last week and we went for a walk at Lackawanna State Park on Friday afternoon. It felt funny to leave the house with heavy sweaters on but we were glad to have them when the wind picked up across the lake. Brrr! But the sun was warm and the leaves glowed red and gold in the sunlight. Surprisingly this year, not all of them are turning colors—some are dropping straight from the trees before changing. We love our autumn colors here so that's disappointing.


There was a flock of Canadian geese on the lake and two blue herons fishing along the edge. They were skittish and flew away as I approached so I couldn't get a good photo. And I tried to be as quiet as I could, too. Oh, well.


There's no point whatsoever to this post except to show some pretty autumn pictures. So enjoy!

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